Megan J. Rutherford

Megan Rutherford is an award-winning business sales professional with ten years of experience, seven years of which was spent in the financial industry.  After obtaining a degree in Biology from The University of Texas in December 2011, she lived abroad in France for the better part of 2012 where she taught english, and repurposed antiques and lighting.  The experience contributes to her global perspective in business, culture, healthcare, and government.  Megan is extremely interested in Epigenetics, Religious Studies, and Astrophysics.  Her history, education, and work experience have directed her to pursue her passions in the field of Biotechnology.  Bridging Biotech is a website devoted to highlighting the importance of biotechnology innovation and providing understanding for individuals from all walks of life.  Megan feels that dispersing information to the public in a clear and transparent way is key to moving forward with research and innovation.  This is Megan’s journey into the world of biotechnology.

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